SUBJECT AREA: Music  —  GRADE LEVEL:  Early High School

BENCHMARK:  25.A.4  Analyze and evaluate the effective use of elements, principles and expressive qualities in a composition/performance in dance, drama, music and visual arts.

BENCHMARK:  25.B.4  Analyze and evaluate similar and distinctive characteristics of works in two or more of the arts that share the same historical period or societal context.

BENCHMARK:  26.A.4c  Music:  Analyze ways in which musical sounds are produced and how they are used in composing, conducting and performing.

BENCHMARK: 26.A.4d  Music:  Demonstrate the ability to read written notation for a vocal or instrumental part.

BENCHMARK:  26.A.4e  Visual Arts:  Analyze and evaluate how tools/technologies and processes combine to convey meaning.

BENCHMARK:  26.B.4c  Music:  Create and perform music of challenging complexity and length with expression.

BENCHMARK:  26.B.4d  Visual Arts:  Demonstrate knowledge and skills that communicate clear and focused ideas based on planning, research and problem solving.

BENCHMARK:  27.A.4a  Evaluate how consumer trends in the arts affect the types and styles of art products.

BENCHMARK:  27.A.4b  Analyze how the arts are used to inform and persuade through traditional and contemporary art forms.

BENCHMARK:  27.B.4a  Analyze and classify the distinguishing characteristics of historical and contemporary art works by style, period and culture.

BENCHMARK:  27.B.4b  Understand how the arts change in response to changes in society.

BENCHMARK:  25.A.5  Analyze and evaluate student and professional works for how aesthetic qualities are used to convey intent, expressive ideas and/or meaning.

BENCHMARK:  25.B.5  Understand how different art forms combine to create an interdisciplinary work (e.g., musical theatre, opera or cinematography).

BENCHMARK:  26.A.5  Common for all four arts:  Analyze and evaluate how the choice of media, tools, technologies and processes support and influence the communication of ideas.

BENCHMARK:  26.B.5  Common for all four arts:  Create and perform a complex work of art using a variety of techniques, technologies and resources and independent decision making.

BENCHMARK:  27.A.5  Analyze how careers in the arts are expanding based on new technologies and societal changes.

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