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The Illinois Indiana Sea Grant Program

The ILLINOIS-INDIANA SEA GRANT PROGRAM combines research, education and outreach to empower southern Lake Michigan communities to secure a healthy environment and economy. IISG Program worked with the P2D2 Program to develop the Medicine Chest curriculum, as well as, involved in the extensive development and funding of the P2D2 billboards, drug disposal boxes, information packets, conferences, and so much more. P2D2 would not be where it is today without our partnership, hard work, and dedication of the Illinois Indiana Sea Grant Program and the people listed below.

Outreach Staff Involved in Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medicines

Susan Boehme                                         Laura Kammin 
Coastal Sediment Specialist                  Pollution Prevention Specialist

Jackie Adams                                            Robin Goettel
Water Quality Extension Associate      Associate Director for Education

Terri Hallesy                                             Shelley Cabrera 
Education Specialist                                ORISE Research Fellow appointed to U.S.

Illinois American WaterAWILLINOIS

Illinois American Water is a local water and wastewater company.  Our lives revolve around water. It’s somehow involved in everything thing we do, everything we use. Illinois American are experts in water service and wastewater treatment.  They put that expertise to work for our world every day.

Illinois American Water serves approximately 1.2 million people, in 126 communities, supplying high quality water and wastewater service.

Illinois American Water has been very instrumental in the success and longevity of the P2D2 Program.  The active partnership with Illinois American Water has provided everything from essential funding to technical support for the P2D2 Program.  The P2D2 team is more than thankful for American’s External Affairs Manager, Karen Cotton and Operations Manager, Tim Tuley for all of their hard work with the P2D2 Program.



Covanta Energy

Covanta Energy has become a global leader in environmentally responsible disposal of pharmaceuticals.  Covanta takes its role as an environmental steward and global citizen very seriously. Protecting our natural resources for future generations is a fundamental principal of Covanta’s mission.

In terms of our core business, Covanta offers renewable energy and environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions that:

  • Offset greenhouse gases and combat global warming
  • Reduce the amount of waste landfilled, thereby protecting open space
  • Protect the environment by employing state-of-the-art equipment and systems
  • Maximize recycling and the reuse of resources (water, metals and ash)

Energy-from-Waste is the most responsible means of solid waste disposal.  It reduces the volume of waste, which must ultimately be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, generates valuable renewable energy, and results in a net reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional landfilling practices. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy-from-Waste facilities generate power “with less environmental impact than almost any other source of electricity.”  We are very pleased that Covanta has offered free disposal of community collected pharmaceuticals; this has enabled the expansion of take-back programs to many more communities.

“Once we learned of the impacts drugs have on our environment by contamination of surface and drinking waters, as well as the impact to our young people when those drugs are inappropriately consumed, we developed our Rx4Safety program to provide for the safe, ultimate destruction of pharmaceuticals. The determination of thermal destruction as the most appropriate ultimate disposal technology was determined through a multi-stakeholder review process consisting of non government organizations, regulators, and program organizers.  To help expand programs like P2D2, we elected to provide this disposal at no cost to the communities which run drug take back programs. We started this in 2010 and have elected to continue it in 2011.”

Anthony Orlando President and Chief Executive Officer Covanta Energy.



Earth911 is a privately owned company that specializes in providing consumers with accessible and actionable recycling information across the country. Operating the nation’s largest and most accurate recycling and proper disposal directory, provides more than 800,000 searchable recycling resources for more than 240 end-of-life materials. In addition to, Earth911 provides the free recycling search via its toll-free bilingual hotline 1-800-CLEANUP and its mobile application iRecycle.

Earth911 is excited to work with the Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program (P2D2) to promote recycling and proper disposal opportunities and increase education around pharmaceuticals.



Illinois Elks Association

The Illinois Elks Association has 73 Lodge’s that are spread across the state of Illinois.  The IEA is involved in the following charitable programs Children’s Care Corporation, veteran’s services, youth activities, scholarships, hoop shoot, soccer shoot, Easter bunny, Americanism and Drug Awareness

Elks Drug Awareness Program

The mission of the Elks Drug Awareness Program is to promote constructive

and cooperative approaches to the prevention of the use of illicit substances by the youth of the United States of America. This will be accomplished through education of students and parents, and by assisting scholastic institutions with programs and materials.

Elks Drug Awareness Program Goals

  • Conduct conferences, workshops, and training seminars to promote an understanding of substance abuse.
  • To provide a vision and practical skills needed to help prevent substance abuse.
  • To develop, collect, and circulate resources on substance abuse, including curriculum, manuals, articles, and other materials.



The Illinois Rural Water Association

Illinois Rural Water Association was formed to coordinate water and wastewater system programs on a statewide basis. Illinois Rural Water Association began October 1979. The Association provides training and technical assistance to water and wastewater systems. Illinois Rural Water Association along with forty-five other State Associations, form what is known as the National Rural Water Association.

The primary goal of Illinois Rural Water Association is professional, efficient operation of water and wastewater systems through education and on-site assistance, working on a one-to-one basis, and addressing problems from the system level.

The P2D2 program has joined hands with the Illinois Rural Water Association with the primary focus of protecting our world’s most precious resource.  Water.



OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Since 1880, OSF St. Joseph Medical Center has provided comprehensive health care services to the Bloomington-Normal community. As part of OSF Healthcare System, OSF St. Joseph Medical Center staff strives to serve every patient, every time with the greatest care and love. Many of our patients say they can actually feel the difference in the quality of care and compassion the OSF St. Joseph Medical Center staff delivers.

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center has been a key partner of the P2D2 program from the very beginning.  If it were not for the hard work and efforts of Deann Moran, Sue Necessary, and Mike Navario the P2D2 Program would not be where it is. Along with the support of the their permanent community program in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, OSF also has their annual P2D2 Green Day.  The P2D2 Green Day event allows individuals to bring all of their medication to OSF for safe disposal.



Operation Medicine Cabinet™

Operation Medicine Cabinet is a pharmaceutical take-back program that allows citizens to dispose of their unused or expired over-the-counter and prescription medications, including controlled substances. OMC provides the opportunity for a community to change its habits in regards to the use and safe storage of pharmaceuticals, all in an effort to reduce accessibility to dangerous substances from our youth. All medications that are collected are safely destroyed by incineration, which environmental specialists con-sider to be the best method. At the present time OMC is known to be the best choice for protecting the environment and preventing diversion.



The Save A Star Foundation

The SAVE A STAR Drug Awareness Foundation website provides helpful information and resources for drug users, communities and educators, children and young people who may be faced with the temptations of drug use, and parents and loved ones who seek a better understanding of drugs.

It  was founded in 2007 by David & Gail Katz and their daughter Melissa Gold, following the death of David and Gail’s son, Daniel, from an overdose of OxyContin, an addictive pharmaceutical drug. SAVE A STAR’s mission is to raise public awareness about the epidemic of prescription drug experimentation and abuse; to provide information, educational tools, counseling resources and support to drug users, families and communities; and to provide financial and logistical support to communities creating programs for drug and prescription pill disposal.

More young people now die each year from prescription drug overdoses than from heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and inhalants, combined.  Save A Star is committed through its educational, advertising, and pill collection and disposal programs and through its partnership with the DEA Educational Foundation to protect our nation’s youth from this growing and insidious trend.


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