On February 25, 2016, Ameren recognized Illinois American Water and Missouri American Water as one of the finalists for the Ameren Corporate Citizenship Award. The two branches earned their nomination by serving as a critical partner to the P2D2 Program.  Michael Kearner, Director of Economic development at Ameren presented the award by listing its foremost criteria. Each award finalist must be, “enhancing the quality of life in our [St. Louis] region, making a positive change across social, cultural, and economic spectrum.”

The finalists introduced a variety of programs that are aiding local schools with technology, teacher-training, and scholarships; giving thousands of hours of free legal help; and using community ideas to shape the future of families’ economic needs. The P2D2 Program stood out as one of the only environment-based programs in the finalists.

Cheryl Norton, President of Missouri American Water, represented the American Water branches and pointed out, in the nominee reel, why our program deserved to be there among such community-based programs. Norton stated, “Missouri American Water and Illinois American Water started this program because we wanted to protect our water ways and keep drugs off the street.”</p

The P2D2 Program exists to make sure that medication meant to help and heal does not harm our communities, our families. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, “Prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are, after marijuana (and alcohol), the most commonly abused substances by Americans 14 and older.” We are incredibly grateful to both Illinois American Water and Missouri American Water for standing by our side to make both our water and our homes healthier. This Arcus Award nomination allowed people to discern the P2D2 Program in its entirety, environmental and community based. Water is life, and the P2D2 Program works to protect both.

Safely disposing of prescription pills and drugs affects more than just our water and wildlife. It keeps it out of our loved ones and the lost ones. We can claim that we do not know anyone who would take advantage of those extra pills safely snuggled in our cabinet. However, every tragedy involves someone who once said, “That could never happen to me.” We never think we will be the blind-sided exception. Do not be that exception and clean out that cabinet the safe way. Find a disposal location near you. 

CLICK HERE to find a disposal location near you.
CLICK HERE to read another article on this topic.

Written by: Alexa Tarvid (P2D2 Community Manager)

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